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Thor - The Dark World - - Review

Thor – The Dark World - - Review

I know Thor – The Dark World came out 2 weeks ago, I finally got to see it!

I have always been a big Marvel Comic fan. I believe Disney has done a good job of translating the comic books into good action movies. Thor – The Dark World is no exception.

Thor – The Dark World starts with some backstory about Bor, father of Odin in an epic battle with the Dark Elf Malekith. Malekith had a weapon, called the Aether and Bor captured the weapon destroying Malekith’s home world in the process. Bor thought Malekith and all his followers were destroyed as well.

Then the story picks up a couple of years after the Avengers Movie and battle in New York. Thor had returned to Asgard after the final battle in Avengers. Dark World picks up with Thor and the Asgard warriors finishing their battle to pacify the “Nine Realms”.

Shortly after the Nine Realms were united a rare event called the Convergence happens. During this convergence movement between the Nine Realms becomes easier and less ordered. Jane disappears into one of these openings and Thor is alerted. He goes looking for her and finds she shows unusual abilities that concern him. He takes her to Asgar to seek help for her.

Once in Asgar Odin is aware Jane is there and demands she be sent back to earth. Then he sees she has been infected by the Aether. The Malekith and his Dark Elves return and Thor must decide to follow his father’s orders or his heart.

Because I do not wish to spoil the movie for those who have not yet seen it I will not go into further details. I will share my feelings about the movie.

Thor has a problem. Will he follow his father’s orders or save the woman he loves? Will he sacrifice his heart in order to be obedient and loyal to his father? That is the main driving force of this movie.

Even though Thor is an action adventure comic book movie it is not just a adolescent boy’s movie. There is plenty to enjoy for everyone. The characters are complex. What is the issue between Thor and Loki? Will a mother’s love be enough to turn her bad son, Loki around? Will Thor obey his father, Odin or follow his heart to save Jane? Will Thor and Jane be able to truly  have a relationship!

I found this movie kept me on the edge of my seat. When I began to feel the tension was almost too much there was just enough humor to release the right amount of tension so it could build again and pull me right to the edge of my seat once more. Bravo, well done!!

If you have not seen Thor yet I highly recommend it!

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