Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best Friends FOREVER ~ Romantic NEVER!

Best Friends FOREVER ~ Romantic NEVER!
Magical Things Happen at Disneyland

Best Friends FOREVER ~ Romantic NEVER! That was our mantra! A friend set us up. From the start we refused to think of each other in a romantic way. We were just very good friends for one crazy year. I helped him study for collage and we had fun hanging out together with friends.

After a year of friendship and helping my best pal graduated collage I decided to take him to Disneyland to celebrate his amazing achievement. We enjoyed a day of fun together. Two friends, no handholding, no googly eyes and absolutely NO kissing! Just, Best Friends!

Dinner time came around and we decided to enjoy a meal at the French Market Café in New Orleans Square overlooking the Rivers of America. Time to sit and enjoy good food, a good friend and some great jazz! As we sat and talked the Royal Street Bachelors played on. After a short time the band started to play love songs and they dedicated them to US!! After the first song we laughed and told them we were just friends and not in love. They smiled and kept on playing the love songs for us! We told them Best Friends FOREVER ~ Romantic NEVER and they told us they had the Disney Magic and knew we were in LOVE. WE RAN!!!

A week after our Best Friends day at Disneyland we were officially dating. 6 months later we were married! This weekend we celebrate our 34th anniversary! I guess we could blame it on the Mouse!

To make things even more fun last year we were talking to a member of a band that plays at Disney California Adventure. We told him our Disney love story and told us he was a member of the Royal Street Bachelors at that time! It is quite possible that Ralf of the Ellis Island Boys (aka Reynolds Brothers Rhythm Rascals) was the one that told us we were in love! We do believe it he is to blame!

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