Thursday, March 27, 2014

Terri Hardin Puppeteer & Imagineer

Terri Hardin Puppeteer and Imagineer

Terri Hardin fell in love with art and drama as a young child. She was active in her school dramas. When she saw Master Puppeteer, Shari Lewis perform she was inspired to create her own version of Lewis’ iconic Lamp Chop.

Hardin’s skill as a puppeteer opened doors for her in Hollywood. Her first job was building the stillsuits for the film version of Dune and acting as stunt double for Sean Young. Later at Columbia Pictures she worked on Ghostbusters playing both of the demon dogs at the “Temple of Zuul” and served as puppeteer for both the Stay-Puft Marshmallo Man and the ghost librarian. She is also a Muppet Puppeteer.

In 1987 Hardin was working for Universal designing “walk-around” character costumes when she was contacted by Disney. After 8 interviews she was given the assignment of helping to design Big Thunder Mountain and the Dragons Lair attractions at Disneyland Paris. Her passion was not unnoticed and she was assigned the job of designing the entire Dragons Lair.

Her work can also be seen at Disney California Adventure and the Magic Kingdom.

Terri Hardin and Tony Baxter will be at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn April 20th to do a meet and great. The Barn is open 11 am to 3 pm.

Check out some videos of the Dragons Lair at Disneyland Paris. I found these on YouTube.

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