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Picking a Disney Cruise Ship

Picking a Disney Cruise Ship

You’ve decided to go on a Disney Cruise! Congratulations!!!! Now what ship are you sailing? You don’t know? You can’t pick? Ok, let’s talk about picking a Disney ship.

The Disney fleet has 4 ships, 2 sets of almost identical twins. Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are the eldest and smaller of the ships. The Disney Magic just underwent major refurbishment. The pools that were the same on both ships have been changed with a new twisting slide and the AquaDunk added. The kids clubs also went through a big change bringing in the Marvel characters to the cruise ships for the first time. The Disney Wonder is still much as it was originally built with only a couple of minor alterations to make it more comfortable on deck in the cooler Alaskan weather.

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are the newer and larger of the 4 ships. They were put into service in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Both have an upgraded Animators Pallet Restaurant with an interactive dinner show. The Disney Fantasy actually has 2 different shows. Both have interactive “Magical Art” that comes to life around the ship. Both have Goofy’s Sports Deck that is larger than the sports decks on the older ships and has Miniature Golf that is not available on the smaller ships.

The main difference between the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy is the length of cruises they offer. The Disney Dream only offers 3 and 4 night cruises while the Disney Fantasy offers 7 nights and longer. Be aware that the 7 night and longer cruises offer more special things such as demonstrations/talks given by Disney Imagineers, Disney Authors and Documentary Film Maker along with others. They also have cooking lessons with visiting Disney Chefs, we had the pleasure of having cooking demonstrations with the head chef of Club 33.

There are two ways to pick a ship to cruise on. First you need to pick length of cruise 3, 4, 7 nights or longer? Second you need to pick the departure port. Third, most people consider where the cruise goes. Are they places you wish to go and feel comfortable? Most Disney Cruises leaving from ports in Florida go to Disney Privet Island Castaway Cay, but not all do. If a stop at Castaway Cay is important to you check the itineraries offered.

No matter the length of your Disney Cruise or the Disney Ship you pick you can be assured there is something from everybody. The kids are entertained in the Kids Clubs and in the kids areas and you can enjoy the adult spots when you wish to get away from them. All the ships have Kid only, Family and Adult only areas so everybody is happy.

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