Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review ~ The Revised Vault of Walt

The Revised Vault of Walt
By Jim Korkis

There are many books out about Walt Disney. Some are glowing reports of what a saint he was and others deride Walt as a sinner. Revised Vault of Walt share the real human Walt Disney who was both Saint and Sinner. Jim Korkis shares the good and the bad through stories he has gathered over many years working for the Disney Company.

The stories range from the history of the carrousel at the Magic Kingdom and the wonderful woman who was in charge of the carrousel maintenance to a look at Walt’s view of faith. The book is broken into 4 sections, The Walt Stories, Disney Film Stories, Disney Park Stories and the Other Worlds of Disney Stories. These stories give you a look into the person of Walt Disney. These stories tell you Walt was a complex and caring man who could be both sinner and saint.

The forward was written by Diane Disney Miller and shares how she enjoys the stories that Korkis shares because they show a balanced view of her father and faithfully express who he was. She even shared how she had not heard some of the stories before but she could see her father in those situations.

I highly recommend this book for Disney fans and people wanting to know more about Walt the man.

I am looking forward to reading another of his books, “Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories.

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