Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to add Magic and Pixie Dust to a Day a Disney Park

Most adults do not know how to act around whimsy and a Disney Park is totally full of whimsy!
Watch a small child as they see Mickey Mouse. Take a step back and watch for a moment. What is going on in that child’s mind? Who exactly is that child “seeing”? They are seeing Mickey Mouse in his full glory! That is really him standing there in his Movie Barn!

When a young child sees Buzz Lightyear walk through Tomorrowland they yell out, “To infinity and beyond!” If Buzz hears he will wave and salute back. Why can’t an adult do that? It is wrong for an adult to “play” with the characters like that? NO it is not wrong and there is no reason an adult can’t play with the characters. It is just one more way to have fun at a Disney Park. There rules and limits to the play that must be followed.
Know the character and the movie they are from. It helps to know the general story plot.
Know their name and the names of the villain or if they are a villain the hero they are tied to.
Know the names of their friends.
Know any catch phrases they use.
If they have a hand motion or salute and you know how to do it salute them. I once saluted Buzz and he ran across Tomorrowland to give me a salute and hug.
Some of the most wonderful times I’ve had were with the characters. I often watch the parades and when Cinderella’s evil step sisters go by I boo them. Often they will stick out their tongues at me. Once they walked over to me and called out for their mother! Lady Tramain came over and “scolded” me. Another time Captain Hook was going by the Peter Pan float in the Electrical Parade. I yelled out, “Hook is a cod fish, Hook is a cod fish!” When the float came even to me Hook leaned out and shook his Hook in my face!! These and many others are memories I will always cherish.

When you are at Disneyland or any other Disney Park remember to suspend reality and enjoy the whimsy. You might ask, “How do I do that?” It is the same as when you watch a movie or read a book. When you watch a great SiFi movie or even a war movie you are taken away into that moment and universe. When it is a good story you let your mind go and are there. Do the same thing when at the park when visiting with the characters. If you play with them they play with you.
Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge...” Stretch your imagination and play with the characters!

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