Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Date at Disneyland!

When you think of a trip to Disneyland who do you think of going? Is Disneyland for kids, families, teens looking for fun, young couples looking for excitement or is it a romantic place for couples of all ages?
I bet you did not say a romantic place for couples of all ages! Well it is!
Disneyland is a very romantic spot for my husband and I. The River Rats Jazz Band at the French Market noticed and told us we were in love 32 years ago.  Our response 32 years ago was, “Best friends forever. Romantic NEVER!” We love just walking around Main Street, especially after dark when the lights are on and stealing a kiss or just holding hands.

What is the secret to a romantic day at Disneyland?
1.       Do not be in any hurry and pick one or two things that are must do. Do you love the fireworks?? Then plan on seeing them and make sure you get the view you like the best. Maybe splurge on VIP seating. If there is a ride or show that is special to the both of you make sure you do it!
2.       Do not rush to do rides unless that is really what you want to do. Pick one or two that are special to you as a couple and enjoy and do others that have short lines that catch your attention. Does the Matterhorn have special memories for you as a couple or do you like holding each other tight as you ride? Then ride it for sure!!
3.       Take time to sit and talk. There are lots of benches around Disneyland offering beautiful views, sit and enjoy the view and people watch as you hold your sweeties hand.
4.       Look for special spots to take pictures together. In front of the Castle is obvious as is Snow White’s grotto to the right of it. My husband calls me Tink so Pixie Hallow is a place we like to take pictures. There is a small alcove on Royal Street in New Orleans with stairs leading up to a Cast Member staging area for singers and musicians. Those steps have been a place we love having our picture taken on special occasions. Don’t forget Character photo ops as well! Get a picture with your favorite toon!


5.       Find a nice place for dinner and make a reservation. We are a little toony so we enjoy Goof’s Kitchen but don’t do it often because of cost. Plaza Inn at the end of Main Street has a Victorian era and romantic feel. The Blue Bayou and Café Orleans are wonderful full service restaurants with a romantic touch. The French Market is a great place and has a life Jazz Band on their little stage so check the times and arrange your schedule if you want to hear the music.  The band playing there almost 32 years ago told us we were in love. We denied this at the time but just 6 months later were married. You may want to go to DCA, Downtown Disney or one of the Hotels. Make sure it does not conflict with plans to see Fireworks, Fantasmic or World of Color if those are part of your plans.

6.       If there is a place or ride in Disneyland that created a romantic memory for you in the past revisit it. Enjoy the memories while making new ones.
7.       Ignore crowds. If the person next to you is not touching you they are not there! Don’t let people bother you.
Now all that said here is what we did for our romantic 31st anniversary at Disneyland. As we drove to the park we called and made reservations for dinner at Café Orleans. We got to the park shortly after opening. Our first stop was City Hall to get our Anniversary Pins. We told them the story of how we realized we were in love because of the band at the French Market and they gave us Happily Ever After Pins as well. We got a locker so we did not have to carry things we did not need with us but wanted available. We wondered Main Street enjoying the shops and looking around.
I had eaten lunch at Carnation Café on Main Street in December and loved the Baked Potato Soup. I had told Scott about it so we decided to have lunch there. We sat at the front of the Café were we could watch people walking up and down the street.
After a quiet lunch we decided to get our picture taken in front of the Castle. The photographer had fun taking our picture. In fact he moved us around to several locations to take pictures. The Christmas Snow had not yet “melted” off the Castle so it was even more beautiful than usual. While taking pictures at the side of the Castle we heard the music from Pixie Hallow so we decided to go there to take pictures. We spent a long time at both locations just having fun with our identical cameras.

Scott did not get to see the park in its full Christmas glory so we went to see what was left of the Christmas special things. We were disappointed but not surprised that Haunted Manson Holiday was closed but very happy that Small World was still in its Holiday overlay. So off to Small World we went to see the World. We then went to Toontown to see Mickey and enjoy time in Mickey’s home town.

We then wondered through Fantasyland on our way to Frontierland in hopes of seeing the Laughing Stock stage show at the Golden Horseshoe. No tables at the Horseshoe but no worries we refused to be bothered. A great second choice was a romantic evening ride on the Mark Twain around the Rivers of America. Stole a few kisses while watching the shore go by.

By now it was almost time for our reservation at Café Orleans. There was time for a walk around New Orleans to enjoy what was left of the Christmas Decorations then dinner. We sat outside at the Café Orleans even though the evening was cool. It offered us a beautiful view of the Rivers of America and the Mark Twain with all its lights on sailing past several times. The meal was wonderful and we sat and talked about how we realized we were in love so long ago.

After dinner we had an hour or so to wonder Main Street. We stopped at the Castle again and spent time getting our pictures taken again. We also took our own shots of the Castle with all its lights on. As the park closed and the Photographer was taking her camera down, she offered to walk with us down Main Street to take our picture on Main Street, a hard thing to do with the dark night and bright lights.

All in all a romantic and enjoyable day and the perfect way to celebrate 31 years of Pixie Dusted marriage!

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