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Tinker Bell and Legend of the Neverbeast – Non Spoiler and Spoiler Review

Tinker Bell and Legend of the Neverbeast – Non Spoiler and Spoiler Review

Tinker Bell and the Neverbeast is the latest direct to video release in the series of Tinker Bell Pixie Hallow themed movies from the DisneyToon Studio. It was released March 3rd, 2015.

In this movie the Fairies of Pixie hallow face the unknown. At the very beginning Fawn, an animal fairy shows she has a big hart but does not always make wise choices. Her heart leads her decisions and this often leads to danger.

This movie shows the importance of following your heart while still using your brain to make good choices. Other things it teaches is not judging others by how they act and look.

I think this is a very good movie for families. It has a good heart, wonderful animation and great acting.

Now for the spoilers. Stop here if you don’t want spoilers!

While the movie is called Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast the main Pixie is Fawn, not Tinker Bell.

Fawn saves and hides a baby hawk, the natural enemy of the fairies. As she is taking the hawk to be released the baby becomes afraid. It cries and adult hawks hear the sound and come to its rescue. They attack the fairies and a group of fairies called Scouts come and chase them off. Fawn is chastised for letting her heart lead her decisions.

Fawn tries to follow the rules and be responsible. She does not want to put Pixie Hallow at risk again. There are several opportunities for her to make mistakes but she resists and uses her head to control her heart.

A comet hits near Pixie Hallow. As it hits a roar is heard. Fawn wants to go and check out the animal that made the sound. She fights with herself trying to follow her head not her heart. She loses the fight and goes off to see what the creature who made the sound is. She finds a large vicious looking beast.

Gruff is the “Neverbeast”. Fawn is afraid of Gruff at first but she notices he has a thorn in his paw. Fawn follows him around until she is able to pull the thorn out. While following him around Fawn sees he is building towers. Gruff is taking rocks and spit to make the towers. Fawn takes to helping him and turning it into a game. This leads to a friendship between the two.

While Fawn is studying Gruff the Scouts are also trying to figure out what animal made the frightening roar. After looking Nyx, the leader of the Scouts comes to the conclusion that it is a monster that has come to destroy Pixie Hallow.

Fawn tries to take Gruff to the Queen to prove he is no threat. Instead she hears Nyx talking about how the comet had woken up a monster that would destroy Pixie Hallow. Instead of telling the Queen about Gruff she tries to hide him. As Gruff is trying to finish the last of four towers the Scouts trap him. The green clouds create lightning. Gruff accidently hurts Tink.

Gruff runs to the first three of the four towers and collects the lightning. He is changed. He starts to become the “monster” that the leader of the Scouts said he was. Fawn sees him attack Tink and helps Nyx and the Scouts catch him. Once Gruff is caught the lightning strikes. Things turn from bad to worse. Fawn realizes something is wrong. She sees Tink is ok. Tink tells her that Gruff saved her life. He actually knocked her over to keep her from being hit by a falling tree.

Fawn figures out that Gruff is not there to destroy Pixie Hallow he is there to save it! Is it too late? The flower pollen that the Scouts used has made it so Gruff can’t see. How can he do what he needs to do if he can’t see? Fawn realizes Gruff can see her glow. She guides him from one town to the next catching the lightening. As he is hit by lightning Gruff changes. He grows bat like wings and also horns. As they approach the last tower Nyx destroys the last tower!

Fawn realizes Gruff can’t collect the lightening without the towers! Lightning strikes all around starting fires and destroying Pixie Hallow. Lightning almost hits Nyx. Gruff saves her! Once again risking all to protect a fairy. Fawn strikes upon the idea to head straight into the heart of the clouds. She figures going straight to the source Gruff can get the lightning.

Fawn and Gruff fly up and Gruff does the job he was destined to do. Fawn and Gruff fall from the sky! Nyx leads the charge to catch them and break their fall. Gruff’s wings are burned to a crisp and his horns are charred stubs. They shrivel up and turn to dust. Fawn is laying unresponsive on the ground. The fairies have gathered around and are trying to help Fawn. They know there is nothing they can do. Gruff sees Fawn and crawls over and whimpers. A charge of electricity gathers around him and Fawn takes a little shock and starts to breathe!

For a short time Fawn and the other fairies enjoy Gruff being around. He helps and even protects the fairies. Soon Fawn notices Gruff is slowing down. Having read the Legends about the Neverbeast Fawn realizes he is about to go into hibernation. She realizes she will not see him again. She is sad that she will not see him but thankful for what he has done.

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