Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App Part 2

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App Part 2

There is even more to the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App than what I posted in my first post. Thank you to my good friend, Elizabeth Garcia for sharing her screen shots of the app with me.

As I stated in my first post it is a countdown clock for your trip when home. Here is a shot of my countdown as of today. This is the only part of the app that works from home.

It is easy to access the app and it gives you step by step directions on how to turn it on once you are on the ship. Once on the ship and you turn it on there is a host of fun things to do.

You can Navigate your way around the ship and explore it with confidence with the deck by deck maps.

You can check the scheduled events to see if there is a special even you wish to do . . . before going to the pool and just relaxing. You can even save times and events to a list!

It even gives you the times of the movies playing onboard the ship.

Check the schedule for the pools, restaurants and see what spa treatments are available. You can even find out where and when your favorite character will make an appearance.

Disney Cruise Line has a special Drink of the Day each and every day. You can use your app to see what it is.

When you are in port they give you general information about the port and the hours the ship will be there. Here is the map and schedule from Castaway Cay, Disney’s Private Island.

This app almost (but not totally) does away with the need to carry a Wave Phone around the ship! You can chat via text messages on the ship using your personal phone, the DCL Navigator App and the ships free WiFi for using the Navigator App.

Will the DCL Navigator App replace the need for Wave Phone all together? If you have young children in the Kid’s Clubs I don’t think so. Unless your child has and can easily use a cell phone I think the Wave Phone is still one of the best ways for the Crew in the Kid’s Clubs to reach you if there is a need.

Now that I’ve mentioned Wave Phones I’d better say what they are. Disney Cruise Line has 2 phones in each room that you can use while on the ship. You can call and text other people on the ship using them at no cost. You can get extra Wave Phones for your room for a small per day charge. With the Navigator App you can eliminate the need for the extra Wave Phones for older children and teens that are responsible enough to use their cell phones on the ship.

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