Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Hero 6 No Spoiler Review

Big Hero 6 Review – Non Spoiler

Big Hero 6 is loosely based upon a Marvel Super Hero Comic that was published in 1998 and had a mini-series of comics in 2008. The action of Big Hero 6 takes place in the fictional town of San Fransokyo (a mix of San Francisco and Tokyo).

14 year old Hiro Hamada is a genius robotics expert who spends his time engaging in back alley robot fights. His older brother, Tadashi is concerned and encourages him to continue his education by going to university with him. At first Hiro is uninspired with the idea and calls it Nerd School but after taking a look gets excited and decides to go.

Tadashi dies and Hiro is tossed again into depression and at a loss with what to do with his life. Hiro refuses to go to school or talk to friends. Baymax, a health robot made by Tadashi shows up in the room that Hiro and Tadashi shared. Baymax sees Hiro’s emotional pain and calls Tadashi’s friends and fellow students, GoGo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred to help Hiro deal with his loss.

Big Hero 6
Fred, GoGo, Baymax, Hiro, Honey Lemon and Wasabi

Hiro finds a supervillain and changes Baymax from a health robot to a fighting machine. He teams up with Tadashi’s friends from school and they work together to confront the villain and find answers.

Hiro finds out how to survive the loss of his brother and find acceptance. He learns to look out for others as his brother looked out for him. He learns compassion and forgiveness. In short Hiro learns to “Keep Moving Forward” as Walt Disney would say.

I give this movie 2 wings way up! Go see it and enjoy! Stay until the very end of the credits and see if you can identify the Marvel mainstay in the cameo. Enjoy the high quality animation, it is worth seeing in 3D.

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