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Be Our Guest Disney Legend Dinner Event

Be Our Guest Disney Legend Dinner Event

All the Disney Legends lined up before dinner.
Back row from left to right
Mindy Johnston, Bob Gurr, Terri Hardin, Floyd Norman David Story, Cindy, Willie Ito
Front row from left to right
Eric Goldberg, Alice Davis, X and Maureen Atencio

 Sunday June 7th, 2015 is a day I will not easily forget. That was the night I went to the 13th Be Our Guest Disney Legend Dinner. Cinde BeOurGuest set up a fantastic dinner with Disney Legends and Notables. This is the first year I’ve been able to attend but the 13th year the event has been held. It was truly a magical and memorable event.
I must thank my friend Jessica for taking me to the event!
The idea of the Be Our Guest Event is to be at a table with a Disney Luminary. There are about 10 people with a Disney Royal at each table. So everybody gets a chance to chat with their Royal. After dinner you can walk around and chat with the Disney Legends at the other tables.
The Menu
My name tag

The center piece was handmade and was given as a door prize.

Jessica and my places

Each guest gets a bag and goodies to take home. Many of the items are signed by the Disney Legends there. There is also a door prize and items are raffled off. For an additional fee there are more raffles and silent auctions.

The Marker telling us who was at our table.

X's table setting

I was seated at the table with ”X” Atencio. My friend Jessica was between us. I was honored to be there at the table so close to the famous “X”. He is elderly, frail and his mind is not as sharp as it was years ago but he was a joy to be near. He talked of Walt Disney and sang Yo Ho Yo Ho with us.

X, me and Maureen

X telling stories to a table full of fans.

X placed his hand on my friend's hand
so we could get a picture of his Disney Legend Ring.

Maureen, X’s wife is just as much of a treasure as he is. She spoke of how X came home after Walt told him he was to design Pirates of the Caribbean and started to study everything about pirates! It became all-consuming to him. She told me how having the people/fans love him so keeps him going. Maureen told me, “If he did not want to be here, believe me he would not be! He is here because he wants to be.”

X & his wife Maureen
After dinner and X making an early exit because of the busy day he had enjoying Disneyland (he road Pirates and Haunted Mansion) and dinner it was time for me to walk about. I visited all the tables and said hi to each of the notables, except David Story who left before I could say hello. It is amazing how approachable Disney Legends are. Bob Gurr was more than happy to sign my autograph book and spend a few moments talking about Walt’s Barn where he likes to hang out sometimes. Floyd Norman drew me a Mickey Mouse! Floyd is also a support of Walt’s Barn. Terri Hardin chatted about her current work. Each was happy to spend a moment with and inquiring fan.

Alice Davis reached up to hold my hand.

Bob Gurr is so approachable and kind.

Eric Goldberg has a quick laugh

I know Floyd Norman from Walt's Barn.
If you ever get a chance say hi to him.

Terri Hardin is fascinating!
Check out her new work at

Willie Ito spent a few moments with me.

I suggest if you have a chance to attend a Be Our Guest Event you do. Cinde is amazing and sets up a beautiful meal and does not skimp on the added “desert” of Disney Legends!

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  1. Thank you so much for the nice write up and comments. It is surely my pleasure bringing these events to all the Disney Enthusiasts !!
    It was nice meeting you & I am so glad you were able to attend. All the Disney Legends/Stars are a true Blessings


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