Sunday, April 19, 2015

Disney Cruise or Walt Disney World? How to Decide?

Disney Cruise or Walt Disney World? How to Decide?

Trying to decide between a Disney Cruise and a Walt Disney World vacation? Both are wonderful vacations! Think a stay at Walt Disney World is cheaper than a Disney Cruise? It can be if you stay at a value resort, eat only quick service and do not go to any shows such as La Nouba that cost extra. You can add a dinning plan but that brings the price of a Walt Disney World stay up near the cost of a Disney Cruise. If mom and dad want grownup time without the kids you either need to take someone along with you on vacation to watch the kids or pay for child care services at the resort. Room Service not included, any extra snacks come out of pocket.

The Disney Cruise Line lets you pay know up front what your entire vacation will cost. Once you pay the cruise fare you don’t have to spend a dime more if you don’t wish too. 100% of food and entertainment is included. For soda you will need to make trips to the pool deck to refill at the soda fountain if you want a soda between meals or to take to your room, but it is there and free. Even room service is included! Free Kids Clubs for all children ages 3 (and potty trained) to 17! Hours for the kids clubs are the longest at sea and are 9 am to midnight and 11 am to 2 am for teens.

Are there costs above the Cruise Fare? Yes! The adult only restaurants, Palo and Remy’s do charge (Palo $30, Remy $65-75) if you want but even with one meal the price is not outrageous. Take soda, coffee or tea with you into a lounge and listen to the music, dance, play adult trivia or listen to a comedy show. Or you can spend extra and purchase an alcoholic beverage of your choice. Port Adventures to explore your Ports of Call do cost extra but you can just get off and walk around the port area if you wish. Spa and Salon treatments are an additional charge.

With a Disney Cruise you can pay in advance for your Port Adventures, Spa/Salon treatments and Adult Restaurants. You can add wine packages that allow you to purchase a predetermined number of bottles of wine to have with dinner. This way you can budget for them. If you don’t want to pay in advance you can keep track of the costs and know what funds you need to bring.

Other than the above stated extra costs the only other thing to spend on is merchandise. Many of the ports have good deals on jewelry and other local crafts. There are shops on the ships where you can purchase many wonderful items, some that you can find in the parks.

In my opinion a Disney Cruise is an easier to budget for vacation. With a Disney Parks stay you have to consider many variables that are not included. The cruise adds most of them in and those it does not you can generally figure out the amount you will need to bring. 


  1. My vote is to use DVC to stay at Disney World before a cruise.

  2. great thinking Chris! a stay at both is always nice. I always suggest staying at the parks before going on the cruise.


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