Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tomorrow ~ Disney Wonder and the Mexican Riviera!

Tomorrow we leave on the Disney Wonder on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera! We are excited about our trip and looking forward to many things!

Here is what we are looking forward to doing! We are looking forward to spending time with our friends who are going on the cruise with us. We are looking forward to seeing the ship, the fun shows, Mickey & the Gang and great food. We are looking forward to watching movies in the fantastic theater, swimming and most of all spending time together! What a joy this will be! It has been over 16 years since we have gone on a romantic trip alone. We love our daughter but need time as husband and wife to keep our relationship strong. We are also going to be posting on this blog each day.

We are looking forward to some fun that we are bringing along with us! We joined a DisBoards Fish Extenders group. What's a Fish Extender you ask?? Well it is a set of pockets you make and hang on the fish that is next to your cabin door. Each day a member of the group goes around to the cabins in the group and puts little gifts in the pockets! There are 19 cabins in our group with a total of 53 people! There will be a meet and greet so we get to make some new friends. WB's Traveling Ambassadors, Piglet and Duffy are going with us so we will be showing them around the ship.
We added to the fun with Geocaching. Walt's Basement member Yen Sid geotagged our Basement Traveling Ambassador, Duffy Bear and we tagged Ambassador Piglet. We also tagged ourselves! You can go to and see where we are during this trip and we will continue to carry the tags after we get home. People may see our tags and log in saying they saw us. We will also log in and say were we are. We are hoping that people that get Piglet and Duffy after us will continue the Geocaching fun. All you have to do is make sure people can see the tag when you carry them around. If somebody comes up and asks for the tag number just turn it over and let them write it down. They are just trying to get as many geotag numbers as they can.

Here are the Geocashing tracking numbers for the 4 geotags we will have on the cruise.
TinksPeter (AKA Peter "Sparky" Pan) ~ TB3XAJ7
(This is a patch that can be put on a piece of clothing or carried.)

PansTinkerBell (AKA Tinky) ~ TB42AHR (Amore Teddy tag warn on a laynard.)
Piglet ~ TB43AHY (Amore Teddy tag warn as a neckless.)
Duffy ~ TB42AJC (Amore Teddy tag warn as a neckless.)
 You can see Piglet & Duffy's tags in this pictue.
So follow us on our week long trip to the Mexican Riviera on the Disney Wonder here at this blog and on Piglet's Grand Adventure and Duffy's Travel Log in Walt's Basement as well as seeing where we are on

We are . . . . . . .

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